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Greenlee County

County Seal

Greenlee County Health Department
Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health Services protects public health in Greenlee County through a variety of programs, which promote healthy environmental conditions and reduce risks associated with communicable disease.

  • West Nile Virus Information

    Information regarding West Nile Virus protection and the health department's role with its prevention.

  • Safe Food

    A food safety resource for the community and the food industry.

  • Water and Sewage Programs

    Private water and sewage systems (also refered to as wells and septics) are utilized by many residents in the county. This section contains information regarding proper care and permitting of these systems.

  • Environmental Engineering Programs

    Assessment and consultative services involving indoor air, tobacco smoke, mold, lead and radon.

  • Institutions Program Information

    Programs to assure safe and sanitary conditions in day care centers, group homes, and correctional facilities.

  • Recreational Sanitation Programs

    Public swimming pools and spa pools regulatory services.

  • Community Environmental Health Program

    Provide information and respond to questions and complaints about insect and rodent control, property maintenance, and solid waste disposal.

“We promote health, prevent illness, and provide quality service.”

Greenlee County Government
Health & County Services
253 Fifth St
P.O. Box 936
Clifton, AZ 85533

Normal Business Hours:
Monday - Friday,
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone: (928) 865-2601
Fax: (928) 865-1929

Steven Rutherford
Health Director / BT-Manager / EMS Manager

State Map w/ County Emphasized
County Seal Use

A.R.S. 11-251.17 Use of county seal restricted; cease and desist order; violation; classification

A. A person may use, display or otherwise employ any facsimile, copy, likeness, imitation or other resemblance of the county seal only after obtaining the approval of the board of supervisors of that county. The board of supervisors may grant a certificate of approval on application by any person showing good cause for the use of the county seal for a proper purpose. No person other than a county department may use the county seal for the purpose of advertising or promoting the sale of any article of merchandise within this state or for promoting any other commercial purpose. The board of supervisors may adopt rules for the use of the county seal or any facsimile, copy, likeness, imitation or other resemblance of the county seal, including rules for the use of the county seal for official county business. B. If the county maintains a website, it shall display on its website the adopted seal and the text of subsection A of this section. C. The board of supervisors shall issue a cease and desist order to any person who is in violation of this section. If the person fails to comply with the cease and desist order, the person is guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor.