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Greenlee County

Greenlee County Recorder
Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I obtain forms for recording purposes?

We do have some forms in our office, but we suggest you check with an office supply store or a title company.

What are the fees for recording a document?

We have included a copy of our Fee Schedule for your convenience

What is an affidavit of Real Property Value?

All property sales transactions require a completed affidavit or an exemptions code. For more information you can call our office at:

(928) 865-2632

How do I change the ownership of a piece of property?

There are so many different types of transactions we suggest you contact a local title company or an attorney.

How do I know what liens are on a property?

You can either come in our office and do a title search on your own or have a title company do one for you.

How do I do a title search?

All records in our office are located by searching our grantor/grantee name index. A title company can also do one for you.

Can you tell me who the owner of a property is by a parcel number?

No, you would need to contact the Assessor's Office at:

(928) 865-5302

How do I obtain a copy of my deed?

You can request a copy from our office in person or by mail.

How can I find out about a house for sale (foreclosure)?

You need to obtain the owner's name by contacting the city where the property is located to obtain the legal description or parcel number. Then contact the Assessor's Office to get the owner's name. You can perform further research by coming into our office or contacting a title company to perform a title search for you.

Can you tell me the selling price of a property?

You need to come to the Recorder's office to search and determine if an affidavit of real property value has been recorded.